Traditional Hat Etiquette

Traditional Hat Etiquette

 Traditional Hat Etiquette

Is it outdated or does it still ring true? Traditional hat etiquette is divided down gender lines with Men's etiquette requiring many more rules than women. They were meant to offer respect/courtesy in certain situations and can be purely functions (not wearing you hat at a movie theater or the elevator) However you identify, these were the societal norms of their day. If you wear a hat often you may find yourself in a situation where you wonder. Should I be wearing my hat, here? No rule will work 100% of the time but these might work the large majority. I hope you enjoy.

Traditional Men's Etiquette:

Generally Men can wear their hat in public spaces and buildings with a few exceptions and Hats are typically removed in private buildings

Hats can be left on outdoors

When you enter a friends home, you remove your hat.

Office buildings, cafes or shops you can keep your hat on. Unless you clocking in to work.

Sit down Restaurants and Fine Dining, remove your hat

Remove your hat on an elevator. Seems like a good rule unless you are alone.

Remove your hat when entering a building or upon arrival to your destination

Typically removed during church services

Tipping your hat, like a bow, can be a sign of respect to a lady and considered borderline offensive to tip your hat to a man. Although I have yet to witness this event in real life.

Places of Worship are typically considered private. However some religious traditional have specific rules around Men's and Women's headwear. If you don't know the rules or are unsure it is best to find out beforehand.

Hats are removed during National Anthems. 

Typically you can keep your hat on when on any form of transportation.


Traditional Women's Etiquette

Women may wear their hats in more places than men.

Typically you can wear your hat unless it impedes someone's view at a sit-down venue or if you are indoors at work.


Baseball caps seem to have their own set of rules, but that is for another time. Whether or not these rules still apply is up to you. If you feel like you should take your hat off out of respect. you probably should. As our society has become more casual we no longer have coat rooms to store Coats and Hats while dining, at the museum. etc. Do what makes you and those around you comfortable. Is your head spinning from all these Hat Etiquette rules? 




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