"We were drawn to the timeless feel of leather,  and sharing ethically produced goods "

It didn't take long to realize the fashion world was full of wasteful and environmentally questionable practices. Diving in, we learned a lot. We learned the difference between Chrome tanned and Vegetable tanned leathers. The lives of factory workers around the world and the lifecycle of cheaply made goods. That's why you won't find those questionable practices at Hemlock and Hyde. We realized that we connected deeply with the idea of Slow Fashion.

To us, Slow fashion means considering the whole system of a product from start to finish. From the materials through the entire lifetime it is in use. We proudly source raw materials as locally as possible. Each one of our products is handmade in the United States using the highest quality materials. 

We envision a fashion industry where quality, fair trade, fair wage are the norm. Where the environmental stewardship and customer impact are considered an integral part of our success. 

Our Mission

Are you unknowingly supporting an enormous supply chain with a huge carbon footprint? Probably. A lot of goods and accessories are made like this. Raw materials sourced from country one, refined in country two, assembled in another country, possibly boxed and ship from a fourth country then sent to you. The life of one product that basically did a full rotation around the globe. That’s a lot of travel and a lot of energy. We’re here to show you another way. All of our goods are sourced from the USA. Our leather is from Pennsylvania, waxed canvas from New Jersey and Brass hardware is from Massachusetts. They are sent to us where we design, cut, make and ship all from our Pennsylvania Studio. Then they make their way to you. We’re not perfect but we are trying to find a more efficient and environmentally friendly way. As they say perfection gets in the way of progress. We can all make a difference with these small changes. We’re making goods you can be proud of and we didn’t even mention the quality of the raw materials we use.

Ethically  Produced

Artisan made

Fair Wage - USA made

Made to order - Small batch production

Vegetable Tanned Leather - eco-friendly 


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