Bowery in Russet

Before we dive into the pictures of the full size Bowery. Let's talk about why we love this new (to us) Vegetable tanned Latigo Leather. Say that five times fast! Latigo is traditionally used in Saddlery. It gives just a hint of stretch and best of all this bag patinas over time to give you a truly one of a kind piece. This leather isn't for everyone. If you need your bags to stay pristine you're better off choosing a darker shade. Travel well and enjoy these shots from our mini photoshoot. 

p.s. as a reminder all Russet bags will come with our new adjustable strap. We'll be launching our new crossbody strap design in March 2022 in all colors. Margot, Greta, Charlotte and Olivia are next up on the Russet Pre-order. The Stella, Chelsea and Fairmount will be available after the pre-order period in May.



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