Do you have a Hemlock + Hyde bag that you love but it's sitting on a shelf?
Or are you looking to update or upgrade your H+H bag?
Starting January 1, 2023 we will begin a new Pre-loved bag program.
We will offer 20% Off your next purchase in exchange for your Pre-Loved Bag.


How does it work

Send us an email to (Titled: Pre-Loved Program or something similar) and send along pictures of your bag including the Front, back, bottom, both sides and inside. It is important to be honest about all wear on your bag. Just because your bag has wear and scuff doesn't necessarily mean it will be denied. 

Additionally, we would love to hear your bags' story! Was it a gift? A special present to yourself to celebrate a life milestone? Was it your constant travel companion circling the globe? Or your daily go-to bag for coffee? We love hearing about the lives of the Pre-Loved bags!

We will review your pictures and respond. If accepted we will let you know where you can send your bag. Once we receive your bag we'll do a quick inspection to make sure your bag is re-sellable and then give you your 20% Off discount code. If we find your bag has undisclosed damage we will return your bag to you and you will not be eligible for the discount. Please also understand bags sent without prior correspondence will also be denied.

Keep in mind not all bags will qualify*

 (ex: your dog used your bag as a chew toy and now it looks like Swiss cheese)


What happens next?

With some elbow grease and love; We will repair/recondition your bag and put it up on our Pre-Loved section. This gives your bag new life and a new home. We're committed to keeping our bags in circulation as long as possible and out of the landfill. It's just another way you can help us do what's right. 

Since this is a brand new program it may take a little while to build up Pre-Loved inventory. We'll update Pre-Loved bags as the are sent to us keep your eyes peeled for discontinued designs, glorious patina, and bag adventure stories. 

*The Wyeth wearable wallet and Waxed Canvas bags are not eligible for the Pre-Loved Program

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