Meet Sienna

Meet Sienna

Wondering what we'll be up to in January?
If you've been following us for a while you know we've been searching for a color to replace Oak. Well we finally found it. Sienna is the perfect addition to our permanent color lineup. A classic hue and our new favorite! We'll be rolling it out similar to how we did the Olive color, in weekly Pre-Orders over 6 weeks. We'll setup a page just for Sienna starting 1/4/2021

Mark your calendar for the Sienna Pre-Orders!
1/4-1/10 The Phoebe
1/11-1/17 Margot
1/18-1/24 The Bowery
1/25-1/31 The Greta Crossbody
2/1-2/7 Stella
2/8-2/14 Charlotte/Chelsea

This is a little different than our last Pre-Order so please read carefully.
Each design will be available for Pre-order for one week only.
So pick your favorite.
At the end of the Pre-Order period, 2/15, we will begin shipping.

So to be extra clear
Pre-order time 1/4-2/14
One design a week will be available.
Then starting 2/15: Pre-orders begin to ship in the order that we received them.

If you have any questions we are here to help!

Talk to you soon,

Leanne and Nick
Hemlock + Hyde

p.s. we are expecting Olive to come back in stock in Mid/Late January. We are waiting for the leather to finish the tanning process.

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