Holiday Announcement 2020

Holiday Announcement 2020

But it's October!
We know. This Holiday Season is definitely going to be weird

We wanted to get ahead of it and let you know what our Holiday production schedule is going to look like. So here we go:

Now: Olive Pre-orders all designs through 11/22.
(Greta, Stella, and Charlotte are up next)
All bags available 11/23 in Olive!

A good rule of thumb is order early. If you are thinking of a Hemlock + Hyde Bag I would order it in early November. We are limited by the amount of bags we can make since we make them by hand in small batches.

November 1st- November 30 is prime bag making time!

December 1st

Is the last day you can place order with us
to guarantee Shipping by Christmas.
We know this seems like a long time
but we've seen a lot of excitement about our Olive bags
and would hate to disappoint you by claiming we can get these to you faster.

If you have any questions send us an email back or DM us on Instagram. They will get you the fastest response. We don't always hear the phone while we're hammering holes into leather!

Thank you again for supporting us and helping us grow. We couldn't be more excited about what the future holds for our small business. 

Some other ways you can help us this Holiday season without spending!
+ Tell your friends about us!
+ Write a review on our website for a bag you've ordered from us
+ Follow us + Share our posts on Instagram
+ Comment on a post
+ Send us your feedback, we love hearing what you think!

Thanks for everything!
Leanne + Nick

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