Learn about our Hats!

Learn about our Hats!

We're offering hats for the first time and couldn't be more excited! 

Most hats are made of wool. They're designed to be replaced every couple years and loose their shape because their course fibers are more porous. They are cheaper to make and tend to hold water in a rainy situations. Beaver Fur Felt hats have many great qualities but can be thousands of dollars. After looking these options we knew we wanted to do something different. 

When we came across Rabbit Fur Felt. We found what we were looking for. Rabbit Fur Felt hats are meant to last decades. They don't take on water in the rain like wool(That doesn't mean you should let them get soggy) They keep their shape and make a gorgeous hat!
Like a good pair of boots, they can be taken in and reshaped to be like new.

 We have two style options. Check out our Hat sizing guide for the perfect fit, and of course, reach out to us if you have any questions.

Don't procrastinate too long though this Pre-Order only lasts for two weeks. (8/2-8/15)
This batch will begin shipping in December for the Holidays.

All details are available on the product pages.

Want a customized hat?
Each style has a separate Custom product page
We can trim the brim size, give your hat an upturned brim and add a vintage liner. 

Did we mention the endless confidence?

Thank you all so much,

Leanne and Nick
Hemlock + Hyde



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