How to size your hat properly!

Use our chart to find the perfect fit. Most people on average will be our M (7 1/8) size How you wear your hat is totally up to you. If you are torn between two sizes, size up and use hat filler for a fully custom experience. 

The easiest method to measure yourself is taking a piece of string and taking a full measurement around your head, at the place where you'd like to wear your hat. Remember: don't pull the string extra tight or your measurement will be too small. 

Once you have that measurement with the string use a ruler to see what your size is in inches/cm. Obviously if you have a textile measuring tape that would be the easiest! You can always send us an email or DM through instagram if you have any questions.



Caring for your hat

A good hat brush will be your best friend. Brush your hat lightly to remove dust and debris from your hat. It is best to brush in one direction and stick with it. Most recommend counter-clockwise. You can also use a lint roller or a roll of tape to remove any accumulated dust.

If your hat gets wet, shake off excess water, let it dry brush lightly. 

Pro Tip: Using a hat rack helps keep your hats shape. If you are storing your hat for a period of time you can store it upside down in a box and avoid excessive heat/humidity. (not your attic or basement)

Cleaning your sweatband

Overtime and use you may find your sweatband has accumulated some grime. Take a slightly damp(almost dry cloth) and give it a quick wipe to keep it fresh! Since it is leather it's likely to darken the leather slightly. You can also use a touch of leather conditioner to keep it soft.