Leather Sourcing

We source the majority of our leather from one place. Wickett & Craig. The exception being our vintage products of donated and repurposed leather. We researched long and hard before deciding on a leather supplier; we feel the leather speaks for itself. After trying a number of companies both foreign and domestic we kept coming back to them. It just so happens they are based in our home state of Pennsylvania and it is one of the few Vegetable tanneries left in the United States. We can't say enough about how much we love this leather. Follow the links below to learn more about their time honored process and their company. We use their English bridle leather exclusively. You can also learn about the different between Chromium tanned and Veg Tanned leather on our blog here.


"Natural, eco-friendly, peerless.

Founded in 1867, Wickett & Craig is a world premiere vegetable tannery. A labor-intensive method that requires skilled workers, veg-tanning is a natural, eco-friendly process that produces deep-colored leathers of superior quality. We’ve been perfecting the art of leather making for more than a 150 years."