Waxed Canvas

Waxed Canvas

Why did we choose waxed canvas?

Not only does waxed canvas pair perfectly with veg tanned leather, it's durable, weather resistant, and timeless. We knew we wanted a fabric that could compliment leather and hold its own against every day use. Modern tech fabrics felt too plasticky for us so we researched heritage fabrics and fell in love with the classic appeal of waxed canvas(also known as tin cloth). Over time wax canvas, like leather, takes on the personality of its owner. It gets "craze marks" from use and patinas beautifully. 

Waxed canvas was first used in the sailing industry as a way to keep sails lighter and drier when out on the open seas. Naturally, sailors began to fashion clothing out of this fabric to help protect themselves from the elements. If waxed canvas could handle the harsh conditions of the salty seas. We knew this was the perfect material for making bags! 

How to care for your waxed canvas bag?

First things first, do not put your bag in the washer or dryer. We've seen it happen and you won't be happy with the results or the cost of a new washer and dryer. Waxed canvas also should not be dry cleaned. You'll have to clean your bag the old fashioned way.

Clean by hand!

Shake/Brush your bag loose of any dirt or debris. 

Using cold water (very important), a mild detergent and a cloth. Rub the dirty area and brush using a wet sponge. 

Once clean, let air dry.

That's it! 

A lot of people enjoy the character and marks wax canvas obtains over use and time. Pro Tip: if your into keeping your bag looking brand new, take a hair dryer and go over your bag a few times and you will see the waxed fill in the markings, good as new! 



There are some great products out the for waxing your bag. We like Otterwax because it comes in a can you can put in warm water to make the wax more pliable and is easy to use.

 If you want to re-wax your bag which is a good idea about once a year depending on use. Choose to do it in the summer time when the temperature is naturally warmer and application of wax will be easier.

Start with a clean bag. Warm your wax up, dip a cloth in the warmed wax and work into the fabric. Do this until you go over the entire bag. If you have any spots that are uneven take a hair drier and heat it up to set the wax deep into the fabric. This will help keep the weather resistant properties in tact and your bag looking like new. It may be time consuming but it is well worth it!


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