Spring/Summer Updates!

Spring/Summer Updates!

We have so much going on it's hard to keep track! We put it all in one place to make it just a little easier for you.

Before we begin I want to just express our gratitude for this community and the support we've felt. Running your own business certainly has its ups and downs and isn't always easy. This community allows us to support our family and our vision for what this company could be. We have crazy ambitions. Possibly unreasonable goals. We truly love getting to share the behind the scenes moments and even introduce some people into the world of leathercraft. You continue to inspire us forward, Thank You! 

If you want even more content from us including, first peeks, newsletters, 15% your first order, and additional shots from our photoshoots. We encourage you to sign up for our email list if you haven't already. Some things are beyond our control. If we found ourselves without our social media platforms our audience reach would be severely diminished. One of our goals for 2022/2023 is to diversify on social. (We've seen creators lose access to their accounts and frankly that terrifies us) We'll be leaning into Youtube for longer format videos including a craft-a-long for some digital templates. 

Grab your coffee and get ready for a mini-novel.

Digital Patterns

Brand New! We've just started offering Digital Patterns on the new 'Make with Us' section of our site. We know learning how to make in leather can be quite the challenge. So we wanted to offer you a great starting place with a design you know will work. So you can focus on all the fun parts. The construction and finishing details! We'll be adding more templates throughout the Spring and Summer as we get more time in front of the computer. You may even see past designs like the Penelope in digital form! Let us know which designs you'd like to make and don't forget to share your progress @hemlockandhyde #hemlockandhydemakes


Russet Pre-Orders started shipping this past Monday. So if you're one of the lucky ones to grab your favorite style in Russet. Let your mailbox know it's in for a treat. If you missed the Pre-Order we're planning on Russet to return in May. You can always sign up on the product page to be notified when a specific product will be available again. As an FYI; This leather take a little longer to produce so we will let you know if there are any changes to our anticipated schedule.

The Bauhaus Collection

We've never offered a collection quite like this. You asked for a zipper closure and your got it! We just wrapped up the last pre-order and can't wait to get these into your hands. We truly appreciate all the Love for this collection you've made it the most exciting launch we've ever done. Thank you!

June and Beyond

Leanne has a few more designs she wants to get out this Summer so keep your eyes peeled for news about a wearable wallet design, and maybe 2 others. You never know with her. Design week continues?

Hats will be dropping in June as well. Expect to see our 3 styles come back. The Harbinger, Wanderer, and Nomad in the standard 3 colors. We've decided to try something a little different this time around. After Jan/March Pre-orders get sent out; We're going to be playing around with 'one of a kind' hats. Stay tuned for more.

Summer into Fall

In addition to 'one of a kind' hats. Expect to see some other one-off treasures. We splurged on some amazing Italian leather that might just get transformed with hand-painted print. A super limited run of select designs in Dark Brown Bridle and we may also see the return of a design with shearling in time for Fall.

We might be a little crazy but we're just so excited for what is to come.

Thanks as always for following along

With Gratitude,

Leanne + Nick

Made to Order + Small Batch + Vegetable Tanned Leather



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