Key Fob

Key Fob

Our Key fob is a pretty practical item. Designed to keep your keys together and from poking a hole in your pants. You can wear it or attach it to your bag.  So here is a quick step by step on how we handcraft this particular item.

1.Choose your leather and use an awl to trace around the template. We used an old hotel fob as inspiration for this design. 

2.Cut your leather. Use a sharp blade and a steady hand.

3.Fold the leather in half to form its shape. Using a hole punch and a maul, punch ten holes in the top right forming a "J" shape, we will be hand sewing that later. Punch holes on either end for the grommet and screw. Now your leather has all the holes it will need.

4.This is when we stamp with our logo using an arbor press and laser cut brass template.

5.Burnish the edges 

6.Next get out your waxed thread and use about 3 to 4 times the length or the line you will be sewing. We use the saddle stitch to keep everything together.

7.Now you can insert the grommet and pound it into place, and add the Chicago screw.

8.Lastly, attach the brass ring and the clip and you have yourself a handcrafted key fob



This is for dramatic effect. If you were to stamp the Key fob at this point it would show on the backside of the item.

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