Our First Summer Drop: Cerulean/Bota

Our First Summer Drop: Cerulean/Bota

Cerulean Pre-Order Schedule

This one will be a little different, here is what you can expect. Starts 7/1.

Each design is limited to 10 spots and runs for a 7 day duration. If a design fills up its pre-order spots it will be marked as sold out. If you are new to how Pre-Orders work; this is your first chance to get a design in our newest color, Cerulean and our newest bag design “The Bota Bag”. Please note the Bota will be available in all standard colors as wellWe’ve selected 8 designs to launch this new hue over a 5 week period. The Betty Wallet will be available for the duration of the Pre-Order. 

This Pre-Order will work differently than past Pre-Orders because of the logistics of having Cerulean custom made for us. It just takes a bit longer and there is less wiggle room. The lead times will potentially be longer than normal, here is how we expect it to go. 

Start dates for Cerulean design Pre-Orders.

7/1: Bota/ Betty

7/ 8: Mini Bowery

7/15: Bowery

7/22: Charlotte/ Mini Chloe

7/29: Sally/ Mini Shelby

We’ll have our first batch of leather in house at the start of the Pre-Order so we can get started right away. Once the last Pre-Order week is complete we will submit our final order to the tannery so we can be sure to have enough leather to make your bags. 

There are a few opportunities for bumps and delays and we will do everything we can to mitigate and communicate these challenges. It can take about 3-4 weeks from when we place our leather order for Cerulean to hit the workshop. If we are skilled estimators there won’t be a lapse in production however we have to leave space for the unknown and want to be clear and upfront about it. 

If all runs smoothly we expect Cerulean to begin shipping chronologically starting 8/12 or 8/19


Bonus Drop: To round out the Milled collection English Tan will now also be available in Milled starting 7/1. 

 Thank you for supporting our small business and for supporting made and designed in the USA. 


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