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We believe in Slow Fashion, and changing the wasteful, outsourced fashion industry.

How often do you really think about where your clothes and accessories come from? Most people don't. We understand. It's complicated. 

What we are asking is to be more conscious about how you spend your money. That $5 t-shirt had to come from somewhere. Cotton was farmed, Fabric was milled, cut and sewed. Someone sat at a sewing  machine and created your t-shirt. All the while it was shipped from place to place, possibly halfway across the world. It was put on display then purchased. How is it possible it only cost $5 to make that t-shirt? It didn't.

The true cost is much higher and we didn't even get into the environmental costs or humanitarian costs of factory workers or the longevity of the product. When you consciously look for items that were made with care they are going to reflect the true cost of the system. We don't source the cheapest materials or cheapest labor around the world. We hand make each bag here in the US and source from nearby states that support other small businesses. 

Our ambition is to grow while continuing these practices and become a certified B Corp. A business that balances its earthly impact while creating value. Our aim is to do the right thing, even when it's difficult or more costly. We aren't perfect but we hope for a more perfect system. There is a better way, Join us in supporting Slow Fashion. 

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