Holiday 2021! What to expect.

Holiday 2021! What to expect.

We know it's early. But we want to make sure everyone is aware of our Holiday Cut-Off Date. We're currently looking at 4-6 week lead time during our 'slow-time' of the year. We are also seeing delays from the tannery and have been ordering heavy with this in mind. We also have standing orders with the tannery to get leather in as soon as its ready. Demand for raw materials this year has been unlike anything we've ever seen. 

It is possible we may run out of a certain color leather or sell out of a design completely. It is our intention to be very clear about what is going on in real time. We will take items/colors off the site to reflect actual availability or mark them as 'Sold Out' . If we find that we've reached full capacity we may even stop accepting orders. We don't want to make promises we cannot keep

As you know we design and produce everything in house. Hand made just takes more time. Time to produce the quality you know and expect. We are so grateful you've decided to support small business and continue to let us grow this dream. This year alone we've implemented many new tools and machines to help us increase efficiency. With bigger plans for 2022!

That being said Monday November 1st will be the last day we can accept orders for December 25th delivery. Although like I stated above it is possible that we may reach capacity before that.
This may seem too early. But we would hate to ruin a celebratory moment. Placing your order after this date means you're ok with not receiving your order in time for Christmas. We will make every effort to get your bag to you as promised. But like we saw last year, some things will just be out of our control. 

If you are thinking of getting a bag from us this Holiday season our advice is to place your order as early as you can. We will be updating social media and our site to let you know when we get re-stocked with leather in case what you are looking for isn't available

We produce and ship bags in the order that they were placed. 
As always we are here to answer any question you might have.
Thanks for everything.

Much Love!

Leanne and Nick
Hemlock + Hyde

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