Medium Box Leather Strap Scraps (8/10oz)

Medium Box Leather Strap Scraps (8/10oz)

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Random Length Strap Scraps Random Length Strap Scraps

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8/10 thick x Random length x 3/4in Straps! 

Perfect for small project, mixed media artist, or maybe you just want your own box of leather potpourri. 

You're helping us save scrap from the landfill. We started our company saving vintage hides from the trash. Our aim is to reduce waste in our process and the reality is we can't use 100% of the hide. But that doesn't mean it can't find another life.

All boxes are about 3lbs. All leather  is Wickett & Craig 8/10oz weight. 

First come first served. We only put these up when we have enough scrap to fill a box! Good Luck!