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Hemlock and Hyde is husband and wife team Nick and Leanne Polidore. We have always been people who enjoy learning, constructing in every part of our lives. We often found ourselves in the position where commercially made goods didn’t seem to fit with how we envisioned ourselves. This usually ended with researching how we can make a product ourselves! Our hope is that we can create high quality, long lasting, enjoyable everyday products you will keep and cherish. 

Working in leather came to us by chance. Trained as Illustrators, living in Philadelphia, and always trying to learn something new. A friend of ours happened upon several old hides of leather he didn't want to see go to waste. Leather in hand, and after a lot of trial and error. We started to make bags and wallets, feeling comfortable in our new medium. 

"We wanted to make high quality durable goods that you will love. We wondered can we make this into a viable business?"

Diving in, we learned a lot. We learned the difference between Chrome tanned and Vegetable tanned leathers. We learned how unforgiving working in leather can be, once you poke a hole in it there is no turning back. We learned just how exciting it can be to watch an idea in your mind take shape into a beautiful everyday items. After researching and trying a slew of leather producers, we knew Wickett & Craig was by far the best leather we've ever worked in. It's gorgeous and takes on a beautiful patina the more you use it. They also are based in our home state of Pennsylvania! So we jumped in with both feet, created Hemlock and Hyde, and never looked back!

A huge thanks to all of our friends and family for their everlasting support. We couldn’t do any of this without you!

Get to know us on our personal instagram accounts @polidoren and @lbiank and of course you can follow us @hemlockandhyde